OlehPay, LLC is a privately held, multinational financial technology company operating an online remittance platform, and serves as a digital alternative for traditional money transfer and currency exchange. The OlehPay platform primarily serves the American expat community within Israel with a large focus on the automation of remitting pension payments, social security deposits, American-based salaries, and Israeli-based mortgage payments. OlehPay also provides services for funding down payments for property purchases in Israel.


iCardio.ai develops deep learning algorithms for the analysis of Ultrasound images.

Airplant Gardens

Direct-to-consumer subscription airplant box. Built during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in 2020, and sold a year later.


Sokol Enterprise cryptocurrency fund 1.0.

Development Services

Bespoke development services for web applications.

Deep Learning

Bespoke development services for deep learning.